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Client Reviews

Don't just take my word for it! See what my amazing clients have to say about their experiences working with Next Steps Career Services.

Here, you'll find real stories from individuals who have transformed their careers with my personalized coaching programs and guidance. Discover how I have helped them achieve their goals, from crafting powerful resumes to landing their dream jobs.

Ready to see how you can achieve similar success? Explore my coaching programs or schedule your free consultation today!

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John C. 

After communicating with Angela about my goals, hopes, and even fears in this time of transition, she has been nothing by amazing. I only wish I had connected with her sooner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. You will not be disappointed! Easily five out of five stars from me! If you are searching, look no further!

Anna S.

I have a had the extreme pleasure of working with Angela as her client last year. Angela is very professional, detailed orientated and highly knowledgeable in every aspect of the hiring process. She has been a great resource and I have all the confidence in her when seeking recommendations and guidance. She has proved time and time again that her knowledge in the hiring process is always accurate. I am thankful for her skillset, excellent communication, and outstanding customer service. She is such a delight to work with and I look forward to a continued friendship both professionally and personally.

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Keisha B.

Angela's approach to resume revision is both meticulous and strategic. She possesses a keen understanding of industry standards and trends, which she seamlessly integrates into her personalized coaching sessions. Through insightful discussions and thorough assessments, Angela identified key areas for improvement in my resume, enabling me to effectively showcase my skills and accomplishments. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela to anyone seeking guidance in their career advancement journey. Her exceptional skills, personalized approach, and unwavering support are sure to empower individuals to reach their full potential. 

Aysha L.

I had the pleasure of working with Angela and she left a lasting impression. Whether it was an email or a phone call, Angela made sure that all communications were received in a timely manner and kept me updated. I absolutely enjoyed working with her and I will recommend Angela to anyone.

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Stephanie A.

Angela has been amazing with helping me apply for a promotion at my current company. She went above and beyond to provide interview prep information and she also helped with negotiating the offer for my new position. The information she provided will give me more of what I’m looking for to make my life better.

Ron C. 

Angela is an outstanding professional with very high emotional intelligence, She leverages her strengths in executive consulting/coaching to address a variety of client needs. Angela is a wonderful person and a dedicated professional. I am confident that along with her love of client consultation, she will be a great asset to any client who needs her expertise.

Aaron B.

Angela is an exceptional business professional with an extremely strong acumen in Human Resources and Recruiting. I had the pleasure of working with Angela and witnessed her positive client relationships.

I would love to make you the next happy client. Let's work together to see your professional dreams become a reality. Schedule your FREE one-on-one consultation today.  

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