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Resume Questionnaire

Thank you for trusting me with the creation of your resume. Please complete this questionnaire so I can provide you with the best results possible. If you have an existing resume, please upload it. Also, upload a job description that is the ideal type of job you are targeting. The location of the job is not important, as it will only be for reference. If you have difficulty uploading either one, please email it to me directly at

Are you currently employed?

Upload Resume: 

Upload File

Upload Ideal Job description: 

Upload File

Career Goals

What type of position are you targeting? (Job title, industry)

What are your long-term career aspirations?

Are you open to relocating for a job opportunity?


Are you targeting onsite, remote, hybrid, or any positions?

Do you have any gaps in your employment history?

Are you changing careers?

Even if you have an existing resume, please provide the following information below, starting in reverse chronological order (most recent). Everything below is required if it applies.

  • Company Name, Location, Dates of Employment (Month/Year)

  • Job Title

  • Brief description of the company and its industry

  • Specific skills you used and developed in each role


For the four most recent positions you have held, we will need to have four accomplishments with quantifiable results for each position. (See below for an example.) You will list the action you took and then what the quantifiable result was.


Think numbers, dollars, percentages, etc. For example: Think about ways you have

  • saved the company money,

  • made the company money,

  • reduced costs,

  • increased revenue,

  • managed a certain number of employees,

  • exceeded goals by a certain percentage,

  • managed a certain dollar value of sales per day/week/month, etc.



The action I took was: I renegotiated contracts with vendors.

The quantifiable result was: I saved the company 20% per year.

Professional Experience

Company #1 - Most Recent

Company #2

Company #3

Company #4


List all secondary education you have acquired in reverse chronological order (beginning with the highest level program attended):

Degree #1 (Highest level)

Did you graduate?

If no, are you currently attending?

Degree #2

Did you graduate?

If no, are you currently attending?

Degree #3

Did you graduate?

If no, are you currently attending?

Degree #4

Did you graduate?

If no, are you currently attending?

Licenses, Certifications & Awards:

Volunteer Work:


If you have not yet scheduled your first consultation call, please click below to do so. Once we have had our call and I have received the questionnaire back from you, I will be able to give you an expected completion date. Typically, resumes are completed in 2-3 days, Resumes & Cover Letters in 3-4 days, and Resumes, Cover Letters, & Linkedin Profiles in 4-5 days. However, I will be in communication with you during the process for status updates, to clarify any information, and to make any revisions. If you have purchased a package, I will send you each document as it is completed. 

Thanks for submitting!

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