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Angela Hartleigh Career Coach


Imagine having a personal guide who's seen every angle of the hiring process. That's exactly what I offer as your career coach. My background is deeply rooted in the world of HR. I possess two Master's degrees, one in Psychology and an MBA, which provide insights into human behavior and business strategy. My ongoing pursuit of a Doctorate in Human Resources strengthens my knowledge base. Additionally, holding two professional HR certifications ensures I stay current with industry best practices.

Throughout my career, I've led multiple HR departments and spearheaded the recruitment process for thousands of candidates across various company sizes. I've witnessed the strategies that make applications shine and the approaches that lead to successful interview interactions. Now, I'm passionate about using this insider knowledge to empower YOU!

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My Story: From HR Leader to Your Career Champion


For over 20 years, I thrived in the corporate world, leading HR departments as Director and Vice President. I sat across the table countless times, making hiring decisions and sometimes difficult termination decisions. But in 2022, the tables were turned on me. Facing a layoff myself, I experienced firsthand the emotional rollercoaster that process creates.

Unveiling the Hiring Process from the Inside Out

The emotional toll of being laid off was significant, to say the least. Recalling my participation in the termination and layoff of countless others during my HR career only amplified the impact. It became clear: I could never sit on either side of that table again. Having felt the sting that being laid off caused, I couldn't be responsible for ending anyone else's employment ever again. 

That's why I flipped the script! This unexpected event became a catalyst for positive change, causing me to be responsible for helping people begin the next exciting steps of their professional journey. I began leveraging my unique perspective and expertise to empower others.

Now, I help individuals like you navigate the complexities of the hiring process. I am pulling back the curtain, revealing the insider secrets of the hiring process, and empowering YOU to land your dream job.

What sets me apart is the insider knowledge I gained from leading HR departments and recruiting thousands of candidates for companies of all sizes. I've seen firsthand what makes applications stand out and witnessed the interview strategies that lead to success. Now, I use that knowledge to empower YOU through the hiring process. I'm not just a career coach; I'm your advocate, your guide through the hiring maze, and your champion on your journey to career fulfillment.

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Let me put my expertise to work for you. 

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